• 發貨說明 - 所有應募者 Shipping Instructions - All Entrants
    • 所有透過本活動訂購的專輯將於活動結束後開始發貨。
      • Albums purchased through this event will be shipped in bulk after the event ends.
    • 根據專輯的準備期,發貨期可能需要10或更多工作日。(週末及假日除外)
      • Depending on the perks and album availability, it may take 10 or more weekdays (excluding weekends/holidays) for delivery
    • 所有訂單將從1月22日(週一) 開始以訂購日為準依次發送。影像訊息於20日後透過郵件發送。
    • 得獎者將於1月19日下午3點後透過應募時提供的電子郵件信箱得到通知。
      • Winners will be notified individually after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, January 19th, via the contact information entered at the time of application and the orderer's e-mail.
    • 活動得獎者 Event Winners
      • 得獎者是由隨機抽籤選出的。我們將不會對任何因為抽中而提出的抗議或詢問做出回應。
        • The winners were selected by computerized lottery, and we will not respond to complaints or inquiries regarding non-winners.


    -- 得獎者 Winners


    • SUMIN 수민

    • SIEUN 시은

    • ISA 아이사

    • SEEUN 세은

    • YOON 윤

    • J 재이

    • 是STAYC 1名成員的影像訊息,並且只能用韓語拍攝
    • 訊息內容只能在提交應募表單時指定的類別中選擇,應募結束後不能修改。
    • 除應募者姓名外,選擇的類別中訊息內容均相同。
    • 影像訊息將發送到應募時提供的電子郵件地址。請務必填寫正確的郵箱地址。影像訊息無法重發。
    • 所有訂單將從1月22日(週一)開始以訂購日為準依次發送
    • 影像訊息將於發送日為基準的15個工作天內發送至電子郵件信箱。


    • 參與粉絲須知及其他訊息 Notes to Entrants and Other Guidance

    1. 在活動預購期間爲抽獎而購買的產品,在活動預購期間結束後不得取消,也不得退款。 (在截止日期前,將接受取消訂購,但不將失去抽獎資格。 如果在活動預購期間結束前未收到付款,即使符合網站默認的定金截止日期,該訂單及抽獎資格也將自動取消。) 

    Products purchased for the purpose of entry within the event entry period are non-cancelable and non-refundable after the end of the entry period. (Cancellations are accepted up to the entry deadline, but will not be eligible for entry.) If payment is not received by the end of the sale, even if the site default deposit deadline is met, the product will be automatically canceled.

    2.  本活動允許重複購買及代理購買,但絕對禁止代理參與活動,只有得獎者才能參加。(我們不對代理參與活動和人與人之間的交易產生的任何問題負責)。

    Duplicate and proxy entries are allowed, but participation in the event is absolutely prohibited and only the winner can participate. (We are not responsible for any problems arising from proxy entries and person-to-person transactions.)

    3. 得獎者公佈後,我們將不接受通過客服中心對姓名和聯繫訊息的任何修改。

    After the winner is announced, we will not accept any changes to the name and contact information through the customer service.


    Please be sure to confirm your name and contact information before entering. (If you are a foreigner, please enter an accurate contact number that can be contacted via SMS text).

    4. 在參與抽獎活動時,爲了避免重複中獎,將收集和提供以下個人訊息。

    When applying for the event, personal information is collected and provided as follows to check for duplicate wins and to conduct the event.

    - 收集的項目:姓名、聯繫訊息、出生日期 Collected information: Name, contact information, date of birth

    - 收集目的:確認STAYC(스테이씨)The 3rd Mini Album [TEENFRESH]發行紀念的粉絲簽名活動的得獎者,並進行活動。

    Purpose of collection: To confirm the winner of the fan signing event commemorating the release of STAYC(스테이씨) The 3rd Mini Album [TEENFRESH] and to conduct the event.

    - 個人訊息的接收者:HIGH UP ENTERTAINMENT、Copan Global、V-EIGHT CORP.。

    Recipients of personal information: HIGH UP ENTERTAINMENT、Copan Global、V-EIGHT CORP.。

    - 保留和利用個人訊息的期限 : 活動結束後7天內消除完畢 

    Period of retention and utilization of personal information: Disposal within 7 days after the end of the event.


    5. 本活動可能會因主辦方的情況而改變和取消,恕不另行通知。

    This event is subject to change and cancellation without prior notice due to the circumstances of the organizer.

    6. 爲保證活動的順利進行,請廣大粉絲配合,除此之外,如果認爲對活動有過度的影響,工作人員可能會對活動進行限制。

    We ask for the cooperation of fans to ensure the smooth running of the event, and in addition to the above, if it is deemed to be excessively disruptive to the event, the staff may restrict it.

    7. 活動產品及特典不可退換(活動預購期間後取消和退換)。購買前請確認內容,如不同意,請諒解。 

    Event prizes are non-returnable (canceled or refunded after the application deadline). Please check the contents before purchasing, and if you do not agree, please understand that you will not be able to participate in the event.


    8. 未成年顧客必須在其法定代表人同意下購買產品。

    Minor customers must purchase products with the consent of a legal representative.

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