[得獎者名單宣布 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT] Moon Byul - 1ST Full Album [Starlit of Muse] F-T-F OFFLINE FAN EVENT in KAOHSIUNG

[得獎者名單宣布 WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT] Moon Byul - 1ST Full Album [Starlit of Muse] F-T-F OFFLINE FAN EVENT in KAOHSIUNG

  • 發貨說明 - 所有應募者 Shipping Instructions - All Entrants
    • 所有透過本活動訂購的專輯將於活動結束後開始發貨。
      • Albums purchased through this event will be shipped in bulk after the event ends.
    • 根據特典卡及專輯的準備期,發貨期可能需要10個以上的工作日。(不包含週末和國定假日)
      • Purchased albums will be shipped in batches after the event ends, and may take 10 or more weekdays (excluding weekends and holidays) depending on the perks and product preparation period.
  • 活動日期 Event Dates
    •  2024年5月5日 (日) 10:00 (TST) ~ 
    •  May 5th, 2024 (SUN) 10:00 (TST) ~  
      • 入場,識別方式和活動期間可能會根據現場情況而改變。
      • Admission, identification, and event time are subject to change depending on site conditions.
  • 活動場所 Event Location
    •  將單獨告知得獎者 Winners will be contacted individually 
      • 得獎者將於4月26日(五)18:00 (TST) 前透過應募時提供的電子郵件信箱得到通知。
        • Winners will be notified individually before 18:00 (TST) on Friday, April 26th, via the contact information entered at the time of application and the orderer's e-mail.
      • 這次的簽名會將不會有壓克力隔板。
        • This signing will be held without an acrylic barrier due to the lifting of social distancing restrictions.
      • 50位面對面簽名的得獎者能在現場領取一張版本隨機的簽名用專輯,並上台簽名。
        • 50 Winners will receive one random album on-site for the signing section.
  • 活動得獎者 Event Winners
    • 得獎者是由隨機抽籤選出的。我們將不會對任何因為未抽中而提出的抗議或詢問做出回應。
      • The winners were selected by computerized lottery, and we will not respond to complaints or inquiries regarding non-winners.


-- 得獎者No.1-No.50 (面對面簽名) Winners No.1-No.50 (Face To Face Sign ) 

-- 得獎者No.51-No.100 (觀賞+團體活動) Winners No.51-No.100 (Viewing+Group Event) 

* 得獎者將於活動開始一小時前確認身份後,依照排隊順序隨機抽取座位號碼。Only winners will be given a numbered ticket to attend the signing session after confirming their identity 1 hour before the event starts by picking numbers randomly.  


  • 活動流程 Event Procedures

1. 得獎者於活動開始一小時前確認身份後,依照排隊順序隨機抽取座位號碼,並在活動開始前20分鐘按座位號碼的順序進入會場。

Please enter the venue 20 minutes before the event and proceed in order of the numbered ticket.

-- 得獎者1號-50號: 將在座位號碼1號-50號中隨機抽取號碼

Winners No.1~No.50 will be pinking numbers randomly from seat number No.1~No.50

-- 得獎者51號-100號: 將在座位號碼51號-100號中隨機抽取號碼 

Winners No.51~No.100 will be pinking numbers randomly from seat number No.51~No.100


2. 得獎者將在指定時間進入會場。請準時到達活動地點,活動開始後將無法進入會場。

Winners can only enter the venue at a specific time period. No entry will be allowed after the event starts.

Please be on time for the event.


3. 請務必攜帶有您的姓名、出生日期和照片的身份證参加簽名會。

Please be sure to bring your name, date of birth, and photo ID to the signing session.

--  如果得獎者的身份證沒有經過驗證,例:名字與身份證上的名字不相符,則將不被允許參加簽名會。

If your ID is not verified, you will not be allowed to participate in the event, and if your name is different from the name on your ID, you will not be allowed to participate in event.

 ** 符合驗證資格的身分證種類如下 ** 

**When checking the winners, please be sure to check the ID criteria as follows.** 

    • 未成年人: 國小, 國中, 高中學生證(需有照片及生日), 健保卡, 護照。
      • Domestic minors: Elementary, Junior High and High School student ID card (photo and date of birth required), Health Insurance Card, Passport
    • 成年人: 中華民國身分證,  護照
      • Domestic adults: R.O.C. ID card, Passport
    • 所有外國人: 未過期的護照
      • All foreigners: Unexpired Passport
    • 除國內未成年人外,不接受學生證。(包含大學學生證)
      • Except for domestic minors, "student IDs" (including university student IDs) are not accepted.
    • 只有實體身份證可以進行驗證。身份證的照片或複印件、應用程式等將不被允許驗證身分。
      • Only physical IDs can be verified. No photos or copies of IDs, apps, etc. will be allowed.

--  只有實體身份證可以被驗證,身份證的照片或複印件、應用程式等將不被允許驗證身分

Only physical IDs can be verified, not photos or copies of IDs, apps, etc.


4. 本活動可以通過重複購買或代理購買的方式參加。 但只有得獎者可以參加。
- 本活動不可轉讓,一旦被發現,將不允許參加活動。

The event can be entered through duplicate or proxy purchases, but only the winner can participate.
- This event is non-transferable, and if you are caught, you will not be allowed to participate in the event.

5. 在活動期間,不允許四處走動,也不允許在自己座位以外的地方架設三腳架。請務必坐在自己的座位上,否則可能會被驅逐出活動會場。

You are not allowed to move around during the fan signing session or set up a tripod in a location other than your seat. Please be sure to sit in your seat as you may be asked to leave.


6. 請注意,如果你使用過激的語言或要求藝人做出不合理的行爲,將會被現場工作人員約束並被驅逐出會場。

Please note that if you use excessive language or request unreasonable behavior from the artist, you may be restrained by the on-site staff and expelled from the venue.

7. 拍照時禁止使用閃光燈、自動對焦輔助照明器和頻閃燈。

Flash, AF-assist illuminators, and strobe lights are prohibited when taking photos.

8. 自拍杆和三角架只能在你的座位上擺放。 如果它們超過了適當的高度,並對其他粉絲造成不便,可能會被要求停止使用該器具。

Selfie sticks and tripods can only be set up at your seat. If they exceed the appropriate height and cause inconvenience to other visitors, we may ask you to stop using them.

9. 活動期間不允許通過SNS進行直播,如果被發現,無論是否獲得簽名,都將被要求立即離開會場。

Live broadcasting via SNS is not allowed during the signing session, and if caught, you will be asked to leave the venue regardless of whether you received an autograph or not.


10. 在活動開始之前和活動進行期間,禁止飲酒。飲酒後將被限制入場,如果在活動期間飲酒,將被強制離開。

Drinking alcohol is prohibited before and during the event. Admission will be restricted if you enter after drinking, and you may be forced to leave if you drink during the event.


  • 簽名會及 HI-BYE Fan Signing Event & HI-BYE

1. 50位簽名得獎者請在簽售會開始前至少30分鐘到達會場,進場後請將工作人員發放的姓名便利貼上簽名用的寫真書。

50 Fan Singing Section Winners must arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the event.
After entering the venue please attach the post-it notes with names distributed by the staff to the to-be-signed photobok.

2. 只能在 Moon Byul - 1ST Full Album [Starlit of Muse] 的寫真書上簽名,不能在小卡、CD或其他得獎者準備的物品上簽名。

Autographs can only be signed on the photobook of the Moon Byul - 1ST Full Album [Starlit of Muse] album standard ver., and cannot be signed on photo cards, CDs, or other items prepared by the participants.


3. 上台簽名時,需根據自己的編號依序排隊。 如果您不按照您的號碼排隊或不遵守現場工作人員的指示,您將無法參加活動。

When participating in the signing event, please participate in the order according to your number.
If you do not line up according to your number or do not comply with the instructions of the on-site staff, you may not be able to participate in the event. We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not standing in the order of the numbered list, and please be sure to follow the instructions of the on-site staff.

4. 上台簽名時禁止攜帶及使用照相機、錄音機、手機、耳機及其他有錄音錄影功能的電子設備。

 It is prohibited to bring and use cameras, recorders, cell phones, headphones and other electronic devices with recording functions when signing on stage. If you are found to be carrying them on stage, you may be disqualified and forced to leave the venue depending on the situation on the spot.

5. TO.只能用得獎者的真實姓名(英文)進行。(不允許使用暱稱、PS和其他名字)。

TO. can only be conducted with the winner's real name (in English). (Modifiers, PS, and other names are not allowed.)

6. 本活動只接受"手寫信"。粉絲準備的道具物品(頭飾、花環等),請按簽名順序透過工作人員遞交。

* 感謝您的理解。

- 本活動只接受"手寫信"及道具物品(頭飾、花環等),但出於安全考量,不接受親自遞交。
- 帶上台的簽名會物品將在簽名前由現場工作人員檢核,如果該物品被判斷不合適將不會被遞送。
- 請勿直接遞交給藝人任何物品。
- 所有道具/物品將在簽名會結束後歸還,我們不對未在指定時間領取的遺失物品負責。如不領回,將全部進行廢棄處理。

Only "handwritten letters" will be accepted at this event, and in the case of fan signing items (headband, wreath, etc.), please deliver them through the staff in the order of your signing.
 * Thank you for your understanding.
- Handwritten letters & fan signing items are allowed, but for security reasons, please hand it through on-site staffs.
- Fan signing items will be checked by the on-site staff before being given.
If the item is deemed inappropriate, it may not be passed on.
- Please do not give items directly to the artist.
- All items will be returned at the end of the event, and we are not responsible for lost items that are not picked up at the designated time. All will be discarded if not claimed.

7. 請注意,上台時不允許進行塗鴉、貼貼紙和用手觸碰等動作。

Please note that graffiti or stickers that touch the skin and hand touching are not allowed.

8. 即使上述條款沒有規定,如果得獎者在活動當天有被認爲是使活動難以順利進行的行爲,無論是否得到簽名,都可能受到強制離開和制裁。

Even if it is not specified in the above, if you engage in behavior that is deemed difficult for the smooth progress of the event on the day, you may be subject to forced expulsion and sanctions regardless of whether you receive an autograph or not.

  • 參與粉絲須知及其他訊息 Notes to Entrants and Other Guidance

1. 在活動預購期間爲抽獎而購買的產品,在活動預購期間結束後不得取消,也不得退款。 (在截止日期前,將接受取消訂購,但不將失去抽獎資格。 如果在活動預購期間結束前未收到付款,即使符合網站默認的定金截止日期,該訂單及抽獎資格也將自動取消。) 

Products purchased for the purpose of entry within the event entry period are non-cancelable and non-refundable after the end of the entry period. (Cancellations are accepted up to the entry deadline, but will not be eligible for entry.) If payment is not received by the end of the sale, even if the site default deposit deadline is met, the product will be automatically canceled.

2.  本活動允許重複購買及代理購買,但絕對禁止代理參與活動,只有得獎者才能參加。(我們不對代理參與活動和人與人之間的交易產生的任何問題負責)。

Duplicate and proxy entries are allowed, but participation in the event is absolutely prohibited and only the winner can participate. (We are not responsible for any problems arising from proxy entries and person-to-person transactions.)

3. 得獎者公佈後,我們將不接受通過客服中心對姓名和聯絡資訊的任何修改。


After the winner is announced, we will not accept any changes to the name and contact information through the customer service.

Please be sure to confirm your name and contact information before entering. (If you are a foreigner, please enter an accurate contact number that can be contacted via SMS text).

4. 在參與抽獎活動時,爲了避免重複中獎,將收集和提供以下個人資訊。

When applying for the event, personal information is collected and provided as follows to check for duplicate wins and to conduct the event.

- 收集的項目:購買資訊、姓名、聯絡資訊、出生日期 Collected information: Order Information, Name, contact information, date of birth

- 收集目的:確認 Moon Byul - 1ST Full Album [Starlit of Muse] 發行紀念的粉絲簽名活動的得獎者,並進行活動。

To confirm the winner of the fan signing event commemorating the release of Moon Byul - 1ST Full Album [Starlit of Muse] and to conduct the event.

- 個人訊息的接收者:RBW、V-EIGHT CORP.。

Recipients of personal information: RBW、V-EIGHT CORP.。

- 保留和利用個人訊息的期限 : 活動結束後7天內消除完畢 

Period of retention and utilization of personal information: Disposal within 7 days after the end of the event.


5. 本活動可能會因主辦方的情況而改變和取消,恕不另行通知。

This event is subject to change and cancellation without prior notice due to the circumstances of the organizer.

6. 爲保證活動的順利進行,請廣大粉絲配合,除此之外,如果認爲對活動有過度的影響,工作人員可能會對活動進行限制。

We ask for the cooperation of fans to ensure the smooth running of the event, and in addition to the above, if it is deemed to be excessively disruptive to the event, the staff may restrict it.

7. 活動產品及特典不可退換(活動預購期間後取消和退換)。購買前請確認內容,如不同意,請諒解。 

Event prizes are non-returnable (canceled or refunded after the application deadline). Please check the contents before purchasing, and if you do not agree, please understand that you will not be able to participate in the event.


8. 未成年顧客必須在其法定代表人同意下購買產品。

Minor customers must purchase products with the consent of a legal representative.

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